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This is the all new Project 34 Forum, it is in a beta phase at the moment and is being developed whilst being live so please let me know if you encounter any problems. New users will have to register using a Captcha and self email authentication. Also all new users will have to enter a Captcha for their first three posts. This is a security system to stop spammers. After your first three successful posts you will be accepted as a true user and will no longer have to use a Captcha when writing new or replying to posts.

Update: 31st March 2012 - I have added an article discussion system linked between the website and a new section on the forum. Registered users will be able to discuss any of the articles, pictures and videos on the website without having to access the forum directly. Posts will be visible to non registered users. Please note that I have limited the number of discussions per item to 25. If it looks like its working well i may increase this.

Update: 16th June 2013 - Once again the spinless scurge of the internet our old friends the spammers have recetley felt the need to infect the froum again. I've deleted all of the spam user accounts and their associated content. Please let me know if you spot any more spam, god their determined if nothing else. 

Update: 27th June 2013 - Have updated the core code for the forum in an attempt to quash the recent spam infections. All should be back to normal and working but please let me know if you encounter any problems.

Update: 3rd July 2013 - Spam was still getting posted on the forum so have updated to php 5.4 based code and installed Kunena version 3.01 anlong with all plug-ins. Have also added two, new anti-spam extensions that should catch 99% of all bot atempts at registration, login and as a fail safe, email/forum post message reconginition. Fingers crossed that this will defaeat them at least for a bit.  All detected attempts are logged and sent to the spam police - You have been Warned !

Please report any Forum Issues using the form here.

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